A. Corinne Mixon

Government Consultant

Corinne Mixon is a registered professional lobbyist with more than fifteen years of experience representing clients’ state governmental interests. At Rutledge Ecenia, Corinne represents a broad client base with a particular emphasis on health care practitioners, education and regulated industries and professions. She has been instrumental in passing myriad legislation and killing or containing bills which would have negatively impacted her clients and was named “Florida’s Best Young Lobbyist” by Florida Politics.

Prior to joining Rutledge Ecenia, Corinne was principal shareholder of Mixon & Associates, a lobbying firm operating since 1992 which became a part of Rutledge Ecenia in early 2017. Corinne began her professional career as a Public Relations Account Coordinator at the Zimmerman Agency, the largest hospitality-centered communications firm in the nation. While earning her BA from the University of Alabama’s School of Communications and Information Sciences, Corinne garnered an internship in the D.C. office of U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, thus igniting her interest in professional lobbying and politics.

Corinne lobbies across multiple platforms: legislative, executive, and state regulatory boards. Corinne has managed a large statewide political campaign and been hired as a crisis communication specialist while maintaining her role as a lobbyist. She also has significant experience working in association management, having held positions as Executive Director and Executive Vice President at two large statewide associations.

During her lobbying career, Corinne has delivered keynote addresses at dozens of commencements and conferences. Corinne became the youngest-ever recipient of the Florida Academy of Physician Assistants’ Lifetime Achievement Award, an honor that is rarely bestowed upon a non-clinician, for her role in passing legislation.

Corinne was appointed to and currently serves on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee, board member of the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists, and is a member of the Florida Education Legislative Liaisons.